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So, yeah, that feature

about TSO is a week or so premature; it's this Saturday, actually. In other news: Gnutella clients (for The Rest Of You, that's Limewire, Bearshare, Morpheus, Kazaa and the like; the protocol and network are called Gnutella(-net)) work a lot better if you actually have some free space on the disk partition you're downloading until, Fiona can keep up a conversation pretty well when she's trying, as can Pauline, when she's not in peril (which alas, is most of the time -- a pretty frustrating state of affairs, let me tell you).

Merry, Happy, and Jolly, as appropriate, the the three or four regular readers I have left after my months of neglect. I'm feeling a little more cynical these days, hopefully it'll be productive.

A client has a couple new clients, so he should be able to afford me again, finally, which is nice, because I have another client who needs me, but doesn't know it.


After a month or two of things going in the toilet, he'll figure it out. Perhaps he'll be more tractable then. One of those "the office runs much smoother when the boss ain't around" sort of situations.

Shame, too; he's got plenty of cool stuff to do, even though he's had to go over to the Dark Side for some things. I'd enjoy doing his work, but he don't know enough to tell me how to do it.

And he never seems to tell me when until about 48 hours after he needs it done. <sigh>

Anyway, life, if not looking up, exactly, isn't looking quite as far down as it often is. More, as a favorite writer I don't read often enough anymore would have it, when I know more.

@ - Comment

Or maybe we won't

go look at Christmas lights. Everyone invited declined, or changed their minds, so we bagged it.

Not that I'm not used to this. Anyone wanna go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra next Saturday?

Saturday, December 22, 2001 @ 09:28 p.m. - Comment


I guess it was finally time for a new page layout. Thanks to the Open Source Website Design network, and a fellow named Morpheus (linkes at bottom), I now have one.

Happy, happy, and so forth.

Off to deliver a computer, and look at Christmas lights.

Thursday, December 20, 2001 @ 05:46 p.m. - Comment

So, am I the only one

who sees the crushing irony in the new CIDCO MailStation radio ads?

These are the ones, y'know, where they read snippets of classic love letters saved through the ages, and then go on about how this is why e-mail is so great.

And you should do your email on their little box... which doesn't have any way to do archival storage of the messages...

Thursday, December 20, 2001 @ 03:19 p.m. - Comment

What fun it is to ride and sing...

...a slaying song tonight.

Guess what TV show *I* picked up while I wasn't writing. :-)

Thursday, December 20, 2001 @ 03:17 p.m. - Comment

Well, here we go again...

American Airlines (*really* sucks to be them) flight 587 has lost an engine and crashed on climbout from JFK in New York this morning a 0915. All indications at the moment -- assuming that *only* one engine proves to have fallen off the plane -- are that the crash was a mechanical failure.

AA has experience with this; their flight 191, a DC-10 out of O'Hare in 1979, lost an engine due (investigation suggested) to improper maintenance procedures; that one took 273 lives; this Airbus 300 appears to have been carrying 245, plus 9 crew, no survivors yet found.

So far as I can see for now, this was indeed not a terrorist attack; confidence factor about 85% at the moment. More When I Think More<tm>

@ - Comment

You know...

being around pretty girls *still* makes me feel like I'm in high school, a time I never dealt all that well with in the first place.

I was at the State tonight, setting up the control room for our Tuesday dress rehearsal shoot for The Damned, next Sunday. Everything was actually going pretty well, until Alan and I came downstairs for a break, and... there was Piper.

Piper is Shannon's roommate, and Shannon is the girlfriend of Scott, who is cooler without trying than I can ever manage on my best day. He drives me up a wall, but then, so does she.

I'm rarely met anyone I found so fascinating from the other side of a room.

More on that if I ever figure out why there's a problem...

@ - Comment

The West Wing - Mental Entropy 3.2

Oooh, Toby.

CJ would look good in a garter snake.

"Happy Warrior"

Leo and the Godfather?

"taking my own life with a wheat thresher"

Will the Secret Service *let* him stick a pitchfork up the President's ass?

That is still the most inspirational damned these music in television.


Wow, Abbey actually lays in the bed.

This is a fun scene; we never get to see them be a couple.

Abbey lies pretty poorly; Jed must be distracted.

"America Rocks"... wasn't that part of Schoolhouse Rock?

Thank you Josh; no they are *not* independent.

Yep, Leo, it's about tobacco.

Zoey!? (pant)

Unnamed sources make *everyone* crazy, Abbey, but your adjective collection is impressive.

But cider isn't cookies.

CJ's *stressin*...

Ghod; he's being the president. This is uncommon.


How come he never spends more than 45 seconds in the sit room these days?

Nice to know, Nancy. Now do your job.

Oooh, Margaret!

Can you *say* 'ass' that close to the Oval?

Sam's private plane comment didn't seem as comfortable to me as I think it should have been.


Did Bush steal his speech from Bartlet?

And stories about MS are problems?

Ooof. Bruno, you bastard.

They've prettied Margaret a bit...

You tell 'im, Mags.

Hay Adams, eh? Rich tastes.

More of that live ammo.

Is the Prez gonna knock Leo's feet out from under him?

Thank you, Jed. You're my man.

That's why *he's* the president, Bruno.

That's the real difference between Leo and Bartlet.

Campaign music. Can you buy that on a CD or something?

Will we see a credit for the band? Is it really Columbia?

What happened to Bartlet for *America*?

C'mon, CJ; don't lie to Josh.

"Fraud". And a hush fell over the room.

$30M... Strategy vs Tactics. Sometimes you win by relaxing, Josh.

Oh... shit. Sorry, Josh.

Ooooh, cool; sirens. Where's Josh?

Aw crap, Abbey's taking notes.

"Talking to one person..." Hi, Abbey.

Abbey looks better with bangs.

15%, 25%, and 50%... and a Notre Dame sweatshirt.

Can you call the President 'jackass'?

Could those two just get in sync?

My ghod, some actual Secret Service agents...


Yes, Sam; he needs to apologize.

Wailing on him in the Oval got *Josh* sent to a shrink, Toby.

Connie does actually look a bit like Mallory, with about 10 extra pound.

Horeseshit, Sam; now *you're* lying.

Can anyone hear out here over the cognitive dissonance?

This is worse than getting elected the first time...

Ok, I guess we get to find out why Toby doesn't like him, now... Yes, they just pick you.

Good stuff, Doug. No, you didn't drink the Kool Aid... unlike us.


Damn it, Josh; you need to get on board. Break's over.

You tell him, CJ. He blew you off on *resigning*, fercrissake.

And I see it worked.

That's all you need to tell her, Jed. Now, tell your wife.

Yeah, that lady in the limo with you.

Height, speed, fire, and small places. Yeah, that pretty much lets out being an astronaut, Jed.

Damn, she's gonna vote for you. That's a plus.

Yes! It is *not* your job to cater to the LCD.

That's a math teachers job.

See? I *told* you we were gonna apologize. And this, right here, is the episode.

" isn't worthy of us..." Nope. We're gonna let Bartlet be Bartlet.

See? I *told* you break was over! Yeah! I haven't yelled that in 3 or 4 eps now.

Sorkin can just *write* a damned ending, for my tastes.

---------------------- Next:

Are they gonna subpoena Laurie?

<rant> I didn't get my Zoey! </rant>

@ - Comment

Special to the pretty redhead

at Steak and Shake after the show last night:

Nice outfit, and the glasses suit you.

@ - Comment


No, not the ... no, wait. The gun's a *Win*chester.

Well, that must be an omen. :-)

It's West Wing time again, and Jed's "gonna run, and he's gonna win."

So here is Mental Entropy 3.1 about last night's episode, also posted to Usenet if you feel the need to comment.

Mental Entropy
"And I'm gonna win." Showoff.

Hmmm... A reporter who hasn't been on the plane before, obviously.

Yay, Joey.

"Screwed his wife." Why isn't he on the plane? Oh, flash forward.

He does look a bit haggard in that scene with Abbey.

The dialogue needs to be mixed just slightly more clearly to center.

"Let's try not to do that a lot". Yeah, Toby, especially until we fix the mix

Hey, sounds like they got the planes right.

Enterprise, eh? Will Archer be commanding?

Yeah, we're clapping too.

Flashforward again with no label?

Mrs. L is apparently going to make a career out of dying on TV series'

I don't think Pease is actually an AFB, anymore.

"Yeast is a fun word to say"?

Oh, *Toby*...

Must have been *really* good dialogue.

Did he call her "Joe"?

Where's that cantina band theme?

Wow, *Leo* shuts up.

Good Marriage counselors.

Do they really remote the tac channel to the sit room?

They sure as hell don't videoconference it...

Leo's lost some weight.

Those helo blips on the board are crap.

It's never that easy...

*Definitely* no cockpit video. But they got the calm tones right.

*Great* video game. They gonna fly flight simulators into the towers next?

They *have* to bumper the jumps.

They stole this Toby teaches CJ pool thing from a fanfic...

"finds you all annoying"

"just good friends, Kate"

She's not answering a lot of things. But she needs to take a Valium.

Ok... *I* didn't get that...

What's an Alpha strike?

They got the Hawkeye right, too.

They get paid to bug you, Jed.

Wag the Dog. Nice catch.

The music editor must be having fun...

Charlie is going to *waste* Toby...

A "second", Oliver?

"We play with live ammo here in the NFL", huh?

How much will the defense cost if he *did* do something wrong.

He *warned you*, Toby...

Let's all dump on CJ

Carl is *so* busted.

Or maybe that's CJ that's busted. This is why *I'm* not Press Secretary.

Damn nice steadicam shot.

Ooooh, Sam. Way to yell at the boss.

Jed was limping?

He doesn't miss *anything*, does he?

"End of Part One". Thanks for sharing.

Look! It's a Nirvana commercial!

@ - Comment

Aaron & Ishmael

The West Wing (didn't really) premiere tonight -- they did a kind of breakaway episode on (really) short notice so that Aaron could preach a little on the New York attacks, and get it out of their systems so they could do a normal season without fracturing our suspension of disbelief. It was pretty good, although you (really) don't want to watch it in widescreen on a small set.

Here's the first in a continuing series of...

Stuff I Noticed

"Tending our egos." Nice.

"A play"

"And I get a boyfriend." ;-)

The president would love that FBI agent; she's his kind of trivia nerd.

Have we ever we seen Donna in slacks?

What's with that bounce lighting in the lobby?

Code Black?


The framing for widescreen gives the show a substantially different feel.

They're doing a good job of conveying the nervousness...

And, as my sis noticed, "and I gave away my 'card'."

Donna carries a dry-erase marker in her purse?

Army, Navy... got them all.

"Hardly a record for me" -- Stealing from fanfic?

Not wearing a veil -- nice shot of the girl.

Nice ominous music on the OEOB scene break. And yes, the Secret Service *can* do that.


The lighting is really weird...

The Laker Girls.

This is more than I think I've ever heard Toby say on camera.

"100% failure rate."

"bite me, if you please."


I see we're banging the "we need spies" drum. I approve.

They did the Franklin quote.. and they did it right.

CJ alluded to Bill Maher's plight.

Well, *Leo's* feeling a little intolerant here, isn't he? "Maybe we can *teach* them?"

"The price you pay" for *what*, Leo?


Here comes Charlie to talk about poor DC.

"I'm the shit."

Apples and peanut butter, eh?

We need heros. Nicely put. I'd have preferred him to *clearly* delineate that he doesn't consider terrorists martyrs, but maybe it was obvious.

No one's going to apologize to him?

I think that Josh's proposed solution is much akin to the sentence imposed on the guy who pretended to be a Medal Of Honor recipient.

Josh wimped on Billy; I was hoping they'd hire him as an intern.

Good boy, Leo. Very good boy. Well, good *try*, at least.

The song is "For What It's Worth", by the Buffalo Springfield, a group composed of Steven Stills and Neil Young, and two guys who would later found Poco. It spent 11 weeks on the Billboard Top 40 chart in 1967, and peaked at number 7. (Thanks to my sis and her Joel Whitburn book).


Not bad... and they didn't really blow continuity. Very nice, Aaron.

@ - Comment

I'm not yet done crying for America...

but I cry not because we've been hurt, but because I see how incredibly strong we really are in how we react to it.

I'm not the only one who thinks so, of course, but the outpouring of genuine, sincere concern -- amongst *New Yorkers*, fercrissakes -- has been absolutely unfathomable.

More such thoughts at AmericaSurvives.

Wow. One nation, indivisible, indeed.

Anyone got a fresh hanky?

@ - Comment

More on the 'Tourist picture'

Well, you know, we *knew* this was probably a load of felgercarb, but, if you can conjure up sufficient distance to appreciate it ("Can we be funny?" "Why start now?"), it has lent itself to a sort of Mahir-ish followup picture collection. I agree with George Carlin: you can make jokes about anything... it's just that some greater or lesser number of people won't find them funny.

But you know what they say: time wounds all heels.

West Wing tomorrow. Thoughts after.

@ - Comment


I don't know that I can believe that this picture is real. It's reportedly from a camera found in the New York City rubble. Quite apart from the idea of a camera sophisticated enough to date stamp the picture making it to the ground in one piece, and the possibility of the picture actually getting *taken* if the photog saw the plane, and the fact that the plane isn't blurred, I don't know if the plane's painted right, or if the light is right.

But the picture is eerie anyway.

[ update: nope, it's just a sick joke. As Alan pointed out to me, both jets were in fairly steep banks when they hit. Morons. ]

@ - Comment

To boldly split infinity...

...or something like that. :-) Took my sister out (which is about like kissing your sister.. oh, wait a minute) to the Press Box in Tampa last night, to see the premiere of the newest entry in the Endless Saga That Is Roddenberry: (Star Trek:) Enterprise.

Oh: &lt;TM> (Enterprise is a trademark -- registered, actually -- of Paramount Pictures... and I wonder what the US Navy thinks of *that*?)

Anyway, the local UPN affil, WTOG-44, was supposed to be teaming up with the local 'ship', the USS Alliance, "NCC-1201", to throw a bash over there, with an early start, a pretty videotaped copy of the ep with no commercials, and -- presumably -- other fun stuff.

Shyeah, right.

The start time was advertised on their website as 7pm. At 7:50pm, we had no VTR (and no sign of one, much less a tape), and no one had even bothered to change the channel on any of the 9 TV's in sight of the half of the room we were sitting in.

That didn't happen until (in my hopefully lyrical phrasing) "T minus 3 minutes and counting", when we discovered just how poorly channel 44 comes in at that restaurant. Coordinating activity from the club didn't appear to be in play either; in short, I could have outproduced this event with a broken leg... in a cast.

But, the episode itself, when we could hear it over the crowd, just didn't suck at all. I wasn't happy with the open, which is atraditional in the extreme for ST serie, but I suspect I'll adapt. The writing and dialogue were pretty passable for a show no one's acted in yet (I've often thought they ought to shoot the pilot about 4th or 5th...), and Jolene Blalock looks absolutely smashing in a sweat-soaked T-shirt -- I guess the heating systems on the ship are intermittent. 2 of 38 indeed...

Oh, and that's not to mention the two butterfly-eating girls in the gratuitous strip-joint scene; was I the only one who couldn't hear the dialogue over the Cantina Band theme? :-)

All in all, though, while the environment sucked Suliban ass, the show itself was good enough to hold the tradition, if not necessarily my attention. At least NBC managed to deconflict the West Wing special and premiere. Now if I can only get them to run the premiere as a 2 hour show, instead of splitting it...

@ - Comment

The Calculus of Emotion

Wow. Lots of people got hit hard.

Yeah, I know; that sounds disingenuous in the extreme. But I can't help putting it that way. Even people who are usually the most steadfast in their appraisals of what's going on the in the world are stunned almost, but not quite, to the point of not knowing what to say.

One of my favorite reads -- well, when I get time to read anything these days (and you can draw your own conclusions from how little I *write* lately -- is Doc Searls weblog. While I can't say that I agree totally with Doc's viewpoint on the current events and the most productive response to them, I do agree that an overly-precipitous response Would Be Bad, and I'm pleased to see that we aren't making one.

On a related topic, I feel it important to point out that your overall outlook on the world has been determined to be roughly related to the balance of wins and losses -- and the *sizes* of the wins and losses are almost immaterial.

Lots of little wins are A Very Good Thing, and worth working for, both because they're usually easy to engineer, and because they're disproportionately useful.

Buy someone a card, or a flower. Doesn't have to be much.

Conversely, *spend some effort*, if you can, fixing something that causes you minor but repeated annoyance. It's worth it. A lot.

Hang tough.

@ - Comment

Political Cartoonists

can sometimes be fairly un-creative, as illustrated in this Metafilter thread... but some of the stuff is *really* good.

The User Friendly strip touched me, too.

<hand salute>


Sunday, September 16, 2001 @ 03:20 a.m. - Comment

WTC Disaster 'Safe' Registry

There's now a composite "I made it/Are you still alive" registry, courtesy of those fine folks in The People's Republic of Berkeley.

If you're safely out of harm's way from Tuesday, or have loved ones not yet accounted for, go hit the site and post or search. It's picked up the lists from the other sites which melted down... I suspect that UCB isn't in any danger on that front.

Friday, September 14, 2001 @ 11:14 a.m. - Comment

You don't know my people...

but you're about to learn.

Friday, September 14, 2001 @ 10:28 a.m. - Comment

How The World Trade Centers *Should* Be Rebuilt

[Courtesy of Dave Winer at]

Friday, September 14, 2001 @ 09:08 a.m. - Comment

Don't tell *me* web based micropayments don't work...

Since it was created on Tuesday afternoon, the Paypage for the American Red Cross disaster relief fund has collected over 100,000 payments...

totalling *$3.7M* US. Go ye, and toss in a sawbuck. :-)

Thursday, September 13, 2001 @ 11:09 p.m. - Comment

I've been reading, more than writing

but if you're in New York, my best thoughts to you, and go here to let everyone know you're ok.

Likewise, of course, if you have people there or on the planes; those were, again, American 11 and 77, and United 93 and 175.

I'm pretty impressed with the live news coverage, honestly. Fox News, surprisingly enough, did the best job on the breaking, though they sort of fell apart afterwards; I moved along to ABC; CBS's was pretty decent; NBC didn't impress me at all.

Local outlet Bay News 9 did a pretty good job, too; they went wall to wall immediately and split time between local coverage and a CNN rebroadcast.

The entire US military is at ThreatCon Delta, no report on DefCon; Prexy is in the Hole at Offutt, which I'd have been just as happy not to have been told, and Cheney and NSA Rice in the SitRoom; SecDef is in the NMCC.

I'll conclude with some remarks I posted to the BayNews9 message board:

Two thoughts I want to share with everyone...

1) This *really doesn't* have to be a big conspiracy. It's possible, though admittedly not as likely, that this could have been done by as few as 4 people with silenced 22-caliber pistols.

2) America, to quote President John Patrick Ryan, is an *idea*. All it takes for the bad guys to win is for them to distract and debilitate us to the point at which we lose sight of that fact.

Mayor Giuliani noted this, observing that he was prouder of New Yorkers today than he had ever been.

Finally, remember that even if you got it off the news, you need to *think* a little bit, and assign your own confidence factor to everything you hear.

Hang in there, people; we can get through this.

Someone won't, though.

Don?t screw it up, W.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 @ 03:56 p.m. - Comment

Just like a relative...

Sure, Pam. Send me hundreds of hits and don't bother to tell me first. :-}

I guess that's what I get for not writing here much lately. Lots of eventfulness the last month or so, which is probably why I've been too busy to write.

That, or forgetting to pay the RoadRunner bill.

In any event, I'm on 2.17, catching up on last season's West Wing episodes, and I have a website in the offing wherein I plan to *review* (rather than archiving) the vast collection of WW fanfic that's been written in the last 2 years.

Well, ok, some of it's half-vast, but that's sort of the point, isn't it? :-)

More on that, and many, many more things, sometime tomorrow. Right now, I have to go hear more David Copperfield.

Sunday, September 2, 2001 @ 11:08 p.m. - Comment

Special to...

the blonde in the blue '70 bug: the car is pretty, too.

@ - Comment

Wow... I am still alive

And I can write entries from Lynx. Which is good, you know, because I can't do it from Netscape. I'm seriously considering breaking down and dropping the $110 for a new keyboard for this beast. I wonder if he's set up email-to-post yet...

In any event, I went down to Bradenton Beach last night, to Sharky's, a place where my WCTQ promotions director buddy Duane does karaoke on Thursday nights, and took pictures of up and coming country artist Meredith Edwards. I have only two things to say: Damn, can this girl sing. And I wish she wasn't half my age. :-)

Pictures to follow, as soon as I get them photo-edited.

@ - Comment

Wow, it's been

awful too damned long since I've written anything here.

Upcoming articles in the filePro Developers Journal, Linux Weekly News, and maybe -- just maybe -- I'll get that Sportsbytes piece done for Geof. More shortly.

Friday, July 20, 2001 @ 03:19 p.m. - Comment

Tip of the Icecube

You may have seen a picture floating around claiming to be a real photo of an iceberg, complete above and below the water.

It's not real, but it's an impessive enough picture that I thought I'd link it anyway. [Thanks to Snopes.]

Wednesday, June 13, 2001 @ 12:55 p.m. - Comment

Special to Brooke

See? I can spend a night or two not reading... :-)

Monday, June 11, 2001 @ 11:10 p.m. - Comment

Spenser, with an S

like the English poet.

The detective, that is. The books are *much* better than the TV series was, and most of the reasons why can be found at Bullets & Beer - The UnOfficial Spenser website.

I lived in Massachusetts for 16 years, but never ran across these Boston-set detective novels when it would have made a difference. I've been more than making up for that, I guess, having gone through 8 or 9 of them in the last two weeks.

They're Absolutely Fabulous.

If you like smart-assed detectives with great thug friends, go get some and read them. You'll be glad you did.

Monday, June 11, 2001 @ 11:06 p.m. - Comment


but I hope the weather banner wasn't doing those horrible things to my layout *everywhere*.

Should be fixed now, if anyone's still listening.

Monday, June 11, 2001 @ 10:58 p.m. - Comment

Big Fish, Small Ponds

My sister is a bit of a Scott Bakula fan (he of Quantum Leap and the new Star Trek series), and runs a news site which keeps track of what's going on in his career.

Someone else runs another site that is much longer on design and much shorter on content, called Project Quantum Leap. The site is run by someone named Margaret, whom I'm told... has issues.

In any event, a small fracas broke out on a chat board dedicated to the topic the other day, when the linkmeister thereof asked for links.

It was pointed out to her that her link list did not include Google's #1 and #2 hits for "Bakula", which seemed... sort of... sloppy, especially when viewed in the light of her reply: "I have Scott links up to here".

Yeah. The page has 5 links; "Bakula", not exactly a common word, returns "about 34,000" links. Hmmm... perhaps someone's stretching a point a little bit. Hmmmm?

In any event, you can see my comments on the whole university-politics little conversation here, and since I wasn't sure whether the moderator would consider my parting shot too much of a "personal attack", it's included below; you make your own decision.

Just a little more documentation of the stream of unconciousness that is my life.

That's fine, Brian; I have my own sandbox to play in.

I never even *suggested* that the person who might be exercising "political" delay on my posting was Donna, as you'll see if you climb back up the thread.

As for "personal attacks", no, not at all. Someone (who just happens to be my sister) replied to a request for pointers to appropriate sites for a links page that only had 5 links on it.

When it was pointed out to that requester that she did not have the *#1* and *#2* sites returned in a Google search on the keyword in question in her list of links, the reply was "Oh, no, I have Scott links up to here", which seemed to me to be a bit disingenuous, and indeed I note that both of these conditions still apply.

Now, strictly objectively, I think you'll agree that one of three things is the case here.

1) Someone needs to flush a backed up queue somewhere,

2) PageRank must not... really be all that impressive after all, or

3) Someone *other than me* has an agenda going here.

I gather the person with that agenda isn't Donna. But that's not important right now. It certainly isn't me.

It's your sandbox, you rake it the way you want. But I'll be posting this reply in *my* sandbox as well, with pointer right back over here so that all concerned can make their own decisions. I've been playing in the playground for 17 years now, Brian; I know the rules.

-- jra

Thursday, June 7, 2001 @ 10:06 p.m. - Comment

The Big Lie

One of my favorite business tactics -- favorite in that watching who's taken in by it is a great filter for seeing who the real idiots are -- is The Big Lie.

We've just gotten a new one:

Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches. That's the way that the license works.

That's Microsoft President Steve Ballmer, trying once again to scare the world away from Linux.

I'm sorry, Steve; I'm afraid you can't do that.

Thursday, June 7, 2001 @ 02:49 p.m. - Comment

Tropical $SOMETHING Allison

Storm, or maybe still just a depression. Lotta rain in Houston this week. Stay tuned for further details. (I've always wanted to say *that*, too :-)

Wednesday, June 6, 2001 @ 01:06 p.m. - Comment

Welcome to the Jungle

It's hurricane season, again. I'll be doing the weather thing in the next few days, but for starters, here's the NOAA IWIN Weather 'Control Panel' for Florida. Bookmark it; it will give you one click access to much of what NWS knows about Florida weather.

Monday, June 4, 2001 @ 05:54 p.m. - Comment

Well, my life was boring...

... so I bought another new toy. :-)

Just the VAX, Jack. This one's a 4000/200, 64MB of RAM, one DSSI disk of unknown size, SCSI, Ethernet, and a serial port for the console on one of those annoying MMJ connectors.

The rest of life hasn't been especially great lately (special to Jamie: no, I'm not a masher, a freak, or a stalker), but maybe this will take my mind off of it.

Keyboard still broken on the laptop, which is why you ain't seen much posted here. More to follow, including a piece on the yellow first down line that I've owed Geof at Sportsbytes *much* longer than he should have tolerated not getting it from me (sorry, Geof).

Sunday, May 20, 2001 @ 06:52 p.m. - Comment

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